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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

People to pray for

Please pray for my grandfather, who has cancer. We learned of his illness several weeks ago, but recently it has taken a turn for the worse. St. Peregrine, pray for us.

As many of you know, Regina Doman lost her 5-year old son Joshua in a car accident last month. Danielle Bean has stopped collecting donations to help Regina's family buy a new car, but you can still send checks to Regina's brother-in-law:

Mike Schmiedicke
PO BOX 1963
Front Royal VA 22630

On the website that Regina made for Joshua there is now a dream that Regina's daughter, Marygrace, had about Joshua. The whole site is beautiful and I hope you all have the time to read through it. Regina is very strong in the Faith. And even as you pray for the Schmiedicke family, remember that Joshua is now a saint in heaven. We can pray to him now. An astonishing thought.

I read on Kateri's blog that a Christendom alumnus, Will Davulis, was killed in a motorcycle accident as he was riding to visit his brother in the hospital. Please pray for him, his brother and their family. And please pray also for Anthony Smitha (Christendom '05) who lost his father on June 20th.

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