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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

I have returned!

Happy Easter to you all. Did everyone have a most lenten Lent? I know I did. I'm still wobbly from it, actually, which means that it was good. So many things happened during the time Basia Me was closed: I turned 20 (on March 28), I decided to major in Classics instead of English, and I figured out how get caught up on the Greek requirement for said major. I also got ahold of a signed copy of Hilaire Belloc's Belinda and participated in a Tridentine Triduum for the first time ever. In fact, I (and my intrepid friend Sarah) were conscripted into the choir! It was amazing...

About the Greek thing. I've been taking Latin for the past two years, but I always thought I would be an English major, so I never bothered to start Greek. But a few weeks ago I realized that I wanted to be a Classics major. So I'm going to do this.

Live at Berzerkly for ten weeks learning Attic Greek?! We'll see if I survive. If I do, I'll have a head full of Greek and tons of weird stories to tell.

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