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Saturday, February 11, 2006

The Prayer of a Martyr

This is a prayer written by Fr. Andrea Santoro, the priest who was killed in Turkey ten days ago. It is one of the most striking Marian prayers I have ever seen. (There is a little information on the prayer here, as well as many links to other stories about Fr. Andrea.)

Meryem anà

Mary, Woman of Jerusalem

Where you offered yourself with Jesus at the foot of the Cross

Mary, Woman of the Last Supper

Where you gathered the breath of the Holy Spirit,

Mary, Woman of Ephesus,

Where you came with John, ‘Your Son’

Sent in mission by the Spirit: Pray for us.

Mary, Mother of the sheep outside the fold,

Mother of those who do not know your son,

Mother of those who know not what they do: Pray for us.

Mary, Mother of lifeless souls,

Mother of lightless minds,

Mother of hopeless hearts,

Mother of sons, who killed your son,

Mother of sinners, Mother of the thief who did not repent,

Mother of the son who did not come back: Pray for us.

Mary, Mother of those who did not follow Him,

Mother of those who repudiated Him,

Mother of those who went back,

Mother of those who were not called: Pray for us.

Mary, Mother of those who like John

Seek the lost children of God,

Mother of those who descend in hell

To announce life to the dead: Pray for us.

Mary, Mother, come and live with me:

Come to the house where I am asked to live,

Come to the land where I am asked to go,

Come among the men I am asked to love,

Come to the divisions that I am asked to heal,

Come into the hearts that I am asked to visit.

Come to my home and be my mother,

Come Mary; give me your heart as mother.

“Meryem anà” “Mary, Mother” of all peoples: Pray for us.

What can I say about these words? They cannot be spoken about... only spoken.

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