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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Back in California

Rain, rain, rain. Oh well. At least there is no ice, like there was back in Virginia. Scary stuff. I've been hanging around the house, not doing much - my intermittent desire to sit down and write something seems vaulting ambition, like my resolution to learn Greek someday.

No homework over break. No finals when I get back. O glory!

Let's see... I'm sure there are some things I could mention to make this post worthwhile... Ah yes. My brother wishes you all to know that he has fixed the syndication-feed-thingie (orange button to the right), so that should be spiffier now. I also put up half of the Christendom quotes I've been saving (I wasn't aware that so many Rome students had been trying to keep up with them!)... and lastly, this is really cool. It's almost like being in the library... sans the books and carrels and high-speed internet.

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