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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Good Modern Poetry

Some good modern poetry (ie, written by people who are still alive) on the internet:

Pavel Chichikov

Esther Cameron
(I'm quite taken with this neat Metaphysical-style sonnet of hers:)

Love's Catechism

That water may be taught to flow uphill,
The sun to rise out of the western ground;
That lively ichors from cold stones distill,
That our lost years may somewhere yet be found;
That roses blossom at the arctic pole,
That freshets purl across the desert path,
The swift-sent arrow will not find the goal,
Nor the slow tortoise feel Achilles' wrath;
That there may be two hills without a dale,
That lions may be taught to draw the plow,
That moth-wings make invulnerable mail,
That war-ships founder on a drowned man's brow:
All these false things true lovers must believe,
For the world wears worse, when these illusions leave.

Actually, the Hypertexts website in general is useful.

And now a thought about the Ballade...

I've seen a lot of poets writing sonnets and sestinas and villanelles lately, but not very many ballades, which is a shame, because it's a form capable of great emotional effects. Observe: Ballade to Our Lady of Czestochowa by Hilaire Belloc; A Ballade of Suicide by GKC. Actually, villanelles and sestinas are usually kind of annoying. Sonnets are awesome. In short, I want to read more ballades.

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