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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Medieval Fest

Here are the promised pictures from Christendom College's 2005 Medieval Fest.

The library was decorated with the banners which my roommate Stephanie made.

Many students and families attended.

Stephanie in front of the result of her hard work.

My "stained glass windows" in the commons.

St. Joan of Arc. In hobbit proportions. (Argh!)

Luthien rose window.

We watched a morality play written by my friend Sheila, titled Piers Freshman (after Piers Plowman, the poem that the sophmore class loves to hate). Piers Freshman, on a quest for GPA, is accosted by various figures such as Student Activities Council,

Work Study,


and Sleep.

After seeking guidance from the Dean,

he learns to make friends with Legion [of Mary] and Shield [of Roses].

These lead him to Dame Study,

and her elusive friend, GPA, who gives him a diploma. Hurrah!

Other attractions were the Disputed Question (hilarious!), madrigal singing, and the pig roast:

More pictures:

Cider stand

Some Students with their English Professor. I'm standing next to the Saracen Maiden.

My friend Sarah. She was a different kind of medieval. Watch out for that katana!

Friends Megan (left), Stephanie (right), and Sheila (sitting).

My other friend Sarah, and myself.

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