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Sunday, September 18, 2005

Rock Band Names

Another contribution to the art.

Snail Vapors
Squeaky Zucchini
Shao-Lin Jesuit Assassins
Mostly Donkey
Chocolate Novena
Chronocide - What Mark Twain wanted to commit in A Connecticut Yankee.
Super Duper Counter Reformation Cup - Buy it now at Fr. Sibley's!
Drunken Hobbits Are People Too
Ambrose and the Cannibal Groundhogs - Ask my logic class about that one.
Goatface Killer
Deutscher Hardcore Katholizismus - Pope Benedict starts a German metal band?
Gnarly Flamethrower Brunettes
Bagpipe Dynasty
Marshmellow Death March
Papercup Mixmaster
Superlative Carwash
Injection Molded Carrots
Sindarin Rosary
Zombie Corn
Double Prestidigitation
Lunar Angst
Elizabethan Shoe Bomber - Don't try this at home: sneaking into England with papal bulls in your boots.

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