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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Guess where I was!

I'm really really sorry about the long silence on this blog. There's been so much going on... anyway, I just got back from NEW YORK!!!!!!!

And why was I in New York?

*takes deep breath*

To hear my little sister sing in CARNEGIE HALL, that's why!!!!!!!!!!!

She sang with her choir. My favorite pieces were "Think On Me" (a heart-wrenching poem by Mary Queen of Scots) and "South Sami Song" (a piece by a Norwejian composer which involved some very intense drumming and conjured up visions of vikings rampaging around in their long ships. Very cool!)

We visited the Cloisters on the northern tip of Manhattan and saw the Unicorn Tapestries. Can you believe that this is New York?

My little sister

Me sitting by a window


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