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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

All your base are belong to Ratz.

In AD 2005, a new papacy was beginning...

Liberal Catholic: What happen?
Bishop: John Paul II pass away.
Priest: We get signal.
Liberal Catholic: What!
Priest: Look up at chimney.
Liberal Catholic: Habemus papem
Ratz: How are you gentlemen.
Ratz: All your base are belong to Benedict XVI.
Ratz: You are on the way to salvation.
Liberal Catholic: What you say!
Ratz: You have no chance to survive make your time
Ratz: Ha ha ha ha.
Priest: Hallelujah!
Liberal Catholic: Take off every 'Feminist Theologian'
Liberal Catholic: You know what you are doing.
Liberal Catholic: Move 'Feminist Theologian"
Liberal Catholic: For social justice.

*snark* I found this on a thread at Amy Welborn's. She finally closed it because of all the snarling that was going on, but there was some funny stuff there. Someone translated Maureen Dowd's remark "The cafeteria is officially closed" into Latin: Cucumella cafearia clausa est. Wouldn't that make a great Papal moto?


::cue Imperial March::

I'm sooooooooo giddy!!!!!!!!!!

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