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Monday, January 03, 2005

Christ Is.

One of the many cool things about Our Lady of Peace in Santa Clara is that the bulletins are actually worth reading. Our pastor, Fr. Mallo, writes a short meditation/exhortation in each of them. This Sunday it was on Joy... part of it went, "Joy, the gigantic secret of the Christian, is spiritual and supernatural, and arises from meditating on the mystery of the incarnate Word." (Fr. Mallo is a big Chesterton fan; it's sweet to hear him quoting GKC in his sermons with an Argentinian accent.) I found this quote from the end arresting:

Ultimately, joy springs forth by considering that God is; that Christ is, Take heart, it is I (Mk 6:50); that truth prevails over lies, good over evil, beauty over ugliness, love over hate, peace over war, mercy over vengeance, life over death, grace over sine... in short, being over nothingness, the Virgin over Satan, Christ over the Antichrist, God over all.

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