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Monday, January 10, 2005


Check out this Spanish priest's photoblog of his journey to Compostela. (And this great article on Compostela and its history: Pilgrimage to the Stars)

This could be a great trend: we already have the phenomenon of Rome-blogging; hopefully we'll see more such pilgrim-blogging in the future.

This Spanish priest has two other blogs, Ecclesia de Trinitate and Mar Adentro. I have been wondering lately whether we English-speaking Catholics have the one and only St. Blog's Parish, or whether there are parallel-parishes in other languages. There are a couple of Spanish-language blogs in St. Blog's, namely Esperando Nacer and Santificarnos. Now, Santificarnos has a good-sized list of links to Catholic blogs in Spanish, but most of these blogs have few or no links, which is definitely not the case for Catholic blogs in English. Spanish bloggers just don't have the sheer mass that English bloggers have achieved, therefore a niche that is also a large, thriving community is unlikely to develop.

I did some Google research, and was a little surprised at the language breakdown of blogging: most blogs are written in English, of course, but Spanish is only the sixth most popular language. Portuguese and Polish rank higher, so there ought to be some more good Catholic content out there... but I don't read those languages, so it would be difficult to discover.

Still, it warms my heart just to know that there are 1717 blogs written in Latin.

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