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Monday, October 18, 2004

Library Pictures

*(If you want to see my pictures of Old Saint Mary's, they are here at Fiddleback Fever.)

The Saint John the Evangelist Library is finally open!

Standing in the piazza, in front of the column of Our Lady of Christendom.

Archbishop O'Brien, blessing the statue.

There were people standing all the way around the piazza...

The fireworks were set off in Campion Field.

Looking down into the Rotunda

Afterwards we all sang the Salve Regina...

Inside the Rotunda.

The inner doors. The tympanum-thingie over the doors is inscribed with a quote from Fides et Ratio.

The window showing St. John the Evangelist and the eagle at the height of the ceiling. Both images are from the Book of Kells.

Reference desk and Circulation (to the left).

To the right: cool painted sign with donor names on it.

The periodical section. There will be a balconey outside. (which they better build soon, before some tipsy freshman walks outside and kills himself.

Bust of John Paul II by H. Reed Armstrong.

The most gorgeous carrels you've ever seen. The woodwork in the library is amazing - all cherry and walnut...

The carrels go all the way around the library, on two floors!
My mom: "It makes you want to sit down and study! Harvard's carrels were junk compared to those. I want one!"

Towards the front

Fireplace outside the board room

Rare Books room at the Rotunda end of the library.

Signed copy of Wise Blood. They also had a another book signed by Flannery O'Connor and a letter of hers that has never been published.

15th century painting of Our Lady of Christendom

Computer lab downstairs

Beautiful view...

That's all. I hope Picasa doesn't shut down my account. Whew...

Quotes regarding the library from various freshmen:

"I feel like I've been given a million dollars!"

"Can I set up a sleeping bag in the corner and live here?"

I share both sentiments.

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