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Tuesday, August 03, 2004

My Pictures of San Juan Capistrano

I took these pictures of the mission a few months ago...

Statue of St. Therese with bird-of-paradise and heliotrope.

The first courtyard. It's planted haphazardly with vegetable gardens.

The parish has made their own little garden along one wall.

Resurgam: I shall rise again.
The door to the inner courtyard.

The cool Moorish fountain in the courtyard.

Two little kids watching the fish.

More of the courtyard

Path near the chapel

Calla lily.
And a spray of bougainvillea that the wind blew against the pillar in front of me.

View from top of the stairs... another church beyond the mission.

Inside the chapel

The coolest reredos ever.
Every inch covered in gold leaf.
The kids touring the chapel were in love with it. "Is that REAL gold? Ooooooo..."

And a sign outside (blessed by Cardinal Mindszenty!):

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