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Monday, June 07, 2004

Synonyms and Sugar

This blog has one of the coolest designs ever. Check out chibi-Sparrow. Woo hoo... I've been whining for Catholic anime since seventh grade, and maybe this lady is thinking of creating some. Oh well, one can always dream.

The site counter starts in December, but I can't find any archives on this blog. No comment boxes either. Argh! I'm tempted to click on that "Contact Me" link and ask her where her archives are... but maybe I'm just missing something. I don't want to bug her.

More cool designs: Ink and Penwipers, Florilegia, Vivid, Wonderblossom... and Jelly Pinched Theater, which belongs to Kashi's husband! All gorgeous.

And this is one cool name: Katolik Shinja

So many blogs, so little time. How can I read them all? Ah, the wonder of being finite...

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